Afghanistan: Flash Update #2 - Flash Flooding in Central, Eastern, Southern, and South-Eastern Regions (13 July 2022)



• Incidences of flash flooding increased in the past week with new districts in the east, south, south-east, and central regions of Afghanistan impacted by rains as of 11 July.

• Since 5 July, flash floods have reportedly killed 39 people across five provinces – Uruzgan (20), Ghazni (6),
Nuristan (7), Paktya (3) and Zabul (3). Nine of those killed were children, including six in Ghazni and three in Paktya provinces.

• The heavy rains have damaged or destroyed around 2,900 houses, a tenfold increase since the last reporting period, and also disrupted livelihoods.
Critical civilian infrastructure such as roads and bridges have also been impacted.

• With the rains, land has slipped resulting in unexploded ordnance being transported into several villages of Paktya. This risk will increase as heavy rains continue.

• Families assessed to date report needing emergency shelter, non-food items, food and water, sanitation, and hygiene support.


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