Afghanistan: Flash flood situation report, 29 August 2020

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  • Initial information indicated 2,049 families affected, over 145 killed and another 167 sustained injuries in 11 provinces, agricultural land and public infrastructure impacted following flash flood on 26th August 2020.

  • Joint assessment teams consisting of IOM, ANDMA, WFP, UNICEF, DRC, CARE International, DACAAR, IRC, DAIL, DoRR, and ARCS assessed and verified 1,482 families needing humanitarian assistance in Logar, Wardak, Kapisa, Parwan, Kabul and Laghman provinces.

  • ANDMA distributed cash grant (AFN50,000) to 105 families who lost their family members and food items to the victims while charity organizations and private sector also distributed food items, essential supplies to 354 affected families in Parwan. ANDMA also distributed cash and food items in Kapisa, Logar, Wardak and Kabul provinces.

  • Government line ministries are assisting in search operation, taking death bodies from debris and cleaning/reopening of the roads.

  • IOM together with partners have distributed relief assistance to 373 families in Parwan and Kabul provinces.

  • Assessment in the affected areas will continue on 29 August while the distribution of humanitarian assistance to 250 families is planned in Parwan, Wardak and Kabul provinces on 29 August.

  • IOM and partners have adequate NFIs and ES supplies stocked in Kabul, Nangarhar, Paktia and Kandahar which will be mobilized as soon as the assessments concludes.

  • The devastating impact has left hundreds of dwelling destroyed, affected/displaced families will need shelter construction support.


  • Parwan:
    As per initial report obtained from ANDMA; over 400 families were affected by flash flood in Charikar (P11, P12 and P9). Devastating flash flood had severe impact that resulted in heavy casualties (Per government sources; 106 deaths and 106 injured including women and children, 26 reportedly still missing), agriculture land and public infrastructure is also impacted. Seven Joint teams consisting of IOM, WFP, DACCAR, DRC, CARE International, UNICEF, ARCs and ANDMA continued assessment on 29 August while government led search and rescue operation is ongoing therefore the number of causalities and affected families are subject to change. So far; 873 families (390 houses destroyed, 483 severely damaged) verified needing humanitarian assistance. IOM, DACAAR and DRC distributed NFIs, tents, emergency shelter, cash for food and hygiene kits to 375 families while the distribution of relief assistance will continue for tomorrow. The assessment is on-going and expected to conclude by tomorrow.

  • Wardak:
    As reported by ANDMA, over 700 families were affected, agriculture land and crops damaged and infrastructure were impacted by flash flood on 26 August in Chalk, Jarliz and Sayed Abad districts. Joint teams consisting of IOM, WFP, DRC, DACAAR and ANDMA continued assessment on 29 August assessment that identified 394 families eligible for humanitarian assistance, four persons killed and eight injured while the assessment is on-going. The distribution in Sayed Abad is tentatively planned on 31st August 2020.

  • Kapisa:
    As per the initial reports, 500 families affected, 19 persons killed and another 20 sustained injuries by flash flood in Hasa-e-Awal, Hasa-e-dowm, Kohistan, Tagab and Nijrab district on 26 August. The joint assessment team consisting of IOM, DRC, ANDMA, WFP, DoRR, UNICEF, Agriculture department and economic department continued assessment on 29 August that verified 71 families (52 completely destroyed, 19 severely damage) while the assessment is on-going.

  • Kabul:
    As per the initial report, 50 families affected by flood in PD8 and Sorubi district on 26 August. Joint assessment team consisting of IOM, DRC, DACCAR and ANDMA concluded the assessment on 28 August that verified 58 families eligible for humanitarian assistance. IOM distributed NFIs, tents and emergency shelter kits, ANDMA distributed one-month food ration to each family, DRC will distribute multi-purpose cash and DACCARR will distribute hygiene kits.

  • Logar:
    Reportedly 300 families were affected (two persons sustained injuries), agriculture land/crops destroyed in Pul Alam, Khoshi, Padkhab Shana, Mohamad Agha and Baraki Barak district on 26 August. A joint assessment team consisting of IOM, IRC, WFP, DACCAR and ANDMA continued assessment on 29 August that identified 156 families (59 completely destroyed, 97 severely damage) eligible for humanitarian assistance while the assessment is on-going.

  • Panjshir:
    As per the initial report obtained from ANDMA, 28 families were affected by flash flood in Anaba and Dara districts of Panjshir province on 27 August 2020. IOM in coordination with ANDMA and other stakeholder will initiate the assessment on 30 August.


  • Laghman:
    Based on the initial reports, 34 families were affected in Mehterlam, Qarghy, Alingar and Alishang districts. Joint assessment teams consisting of IOM, IRC, DACAAR and ANDMA initiated assessment that has so far identified eight families eligible for humanitarian assistance while the assessment is on-going.


  • Khost:
    As per the initial report, 17 families are affected and 38 Jirabs Agricultural land is destroyed in Matoon center and two other districts, a joint team consisting of IRC, ANDMA, ARCS, DRR, DAIL initiated assessment that verified only two families which will be assisted by ANDMA.

  • Paktika:
    11 houses were reported partially damaged, two persons killed and another two sustained injuries, several shops and about 300 jirabs of agricultural land is impacted by flood in Sharana center and Yousaf Khail districts. ANDMA in coordination with other stakeholder will conduct assessment to verify the needs.


Humanitarian partners have already confirmed availability of relief supplies to respond to the caseloads. IOM and partners have 20,000 packages of NFIs and ES in Kabul that can support over 5,000 Families in central region while cash for NFIs for over 1,000 families are also available. In addition, over 20,500 packages of NFIs and ES are stocked in Nangarhar, Kandahar and Paktia that can support over 1,500 families. Additional supplies can be mobilized from other regions should there be need following conclusion of the assessments.

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