Afghanistan emergency aid needed now

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Over 100,000 new refugees fled the fighting that intensified in August and September as the Taliban attacked villages, destroyed buildings, looted and burned homes and killed innocent citizens. These refugees continue to travel to the north near the Tajikistan border to escape the fighting.
One story heard was of a village where the Taliban was burning homes as the refugees fled their village. One woman turned back and got on her knees begging for them to spare her house. The Taliban fighter shot her through the head. This was a message to the other refugees of what would happen if they stayed.

I attended an emergency meeting held by the UNHCR on what we all could do to help with this emergency. The Taliban were burning about 300 homes a day as they take over the conquered area so the refugees will not be able to return this fall as winter is already descending on this mountainous region. The refugees fled into the next valley.

The immediate needs are for food, blankets, warm clothing, and shelter (which for some will be tents but that will not take them through the winter).

In recent fighting just south of Tajikistan, 2400 families lost their homes as the Taliban again followed a scorched earth policy and looted and burned the homes of the fleeing refugees as well as laying mines so they could not return to their villages. The Taliban also sometimes burned the local markets.

The UN is involved via WFP (World Food Program) who is bringing in food and distributing via ACTED. They are leading the way in coordination and distribution. They are not yet helping the 2400 families, whose homes were burned in the recent scorched earth policy of the Taliban, when they fought their way through the Takhar area.

Situation in the north: it seems that over 200,000 were effected by the recent fighting in three cities. This area also must be de-mined before IDP's can go back to their villages and homes.

Northern food aid: The only aid I have heard of so far was a local bakery in Rustaq feeding 80 families which is what we just gave $4000 to, to feed them for this month. There is no other money for this after this month.

We plan initially to provide emergency relief aid of blankets, warm clothing and food to 1000 of the 2400 families whose homes were burned in the recent scorched earth policy of the Taliban in the northern Afghanistan. We want to bring immediate relief to their suffering.

CADA would provide aid to 1000 (approx. 6000 people) of the 2400 families (approx. 15000 people) who are the worst effected by the recent fighting and are unable to return to their homes as they were destroyed. They are facing much suffering and possible outbreaks of disease if they do not receive assistance.

CADA would mobilise outside donated resources to be imported by container, as well as purchase locally available food and shelter materials for immediate distribution depending on the funds available.

CADA is already coordinating its efforts with ACTED, UNHCR and ACTED and other NGO's to best distribute where the aid is most needed, namely these 2400 families. Again, depending on funding, CADA has made agreements to utilize the network of logistics with ACTED for transport and distribution of this relief in the Takhar area in northern Afghanistan.

CADA already has a team of experienced foreign workers who already know the Tajik language and culture as well as local Tajiks who will manage this project inside and outside of Afghanistan. CADA will manage the entire project from its main office in Dushanbe the capital of Tajikistan and has the network and facilities to then bring the aid into Afghanistan, and distribute and monitor this project.