Afghanistan: Education Fact Sheet - October 2017

from US Agency for International Development
Published on 11 Oct 2017 View Original

Recent Highlights

  • In 2016 and 2017: Through UNICEF, USAID supported the establishment of 4,055 community-based education classes between 2016-2017, ensuring over 119,000 children in rural areas, including over 58,000 girls, have access to education

  • USAID supported the establishment of 2,437 Accelerated Learning Centers for students who experienced interruptions in their early education; over 49,000 students have enrolled at these centers, including over 23,000 girls and 26,000 boys   

  • USAID equipped over 154,000 teachers, including over 54,000 women, with the skills they need to ensure schools are delivering on their promise to educate the next generation

  • USAID trained over 17,000 school principals and administrators, including over 3,000 females, in basic school management

  • USAID printed and distributed 47.7 million textbooks

  • USAID supported the design of 32 new, market-oriented, Associate, Bachelor’s, and Master’s degree programs at four Kabul-based and regional universities

  • USAID is supporting scholarships for 462 young women who are studying at the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) and in 23 other universities throughout the country through the Promote Scholarship Program