Afghanistan - Earthquake (DG ECHO, GDACS, USGS, UN DGC, USAID, media) (ECHO Daily Flash of 20 July 2022)

  • An earthquake of 5.1 M at a depth of 10 km occurred in eastern Afghanistan, near the border with north-western Pakistan, on 18 July at 12:22 UTC (16:52 local time). The epicentre was located in the Spera district (Khost province), approximately 10 km south-west of Spera town.
  • Media report, as of 20 July, 44 injured people and around 600 destroyed houses across the Spera district and the neighbouring Giya district (Paktika province).
  • On 21 June 2022, the same area has been affected by a 5.9 M earthquake that resulted in more than 1,000 fatalities.
  • In parallel, 2 hours before the earthquake in the Spera district, an earthquake of 4.8 M hit the province of Badakhshan, reportedly not causing damage. The epicentre was located in Eshkashem, at the entry of the Wakhan corridor.