Afghanistan: Doctor, nurses targets of Meymaneh IED

KABUL, Afghanistan (May 24) - A medical doctor and some nurses, who were in Afghanistan to treat civilians, were among the victims of the May 23 IED attack outside Provincial Reconstruction Team Meymaneh.

"In addition to the tragedy of an ISAF member being killed and five others wounded, this barbaric attack takes away much-needed medical support to the Afghan people of Meymaneh," said Lt. Col. Angela Billings, ISAF spokesperson. "Once again, Afghans will suffer because of the Taliban extremists' act."

The IED exploded outside the PRT Meymaneh main gate, killing one ISAF soldier and wounding five. The attack wounded a doctor and three nurses. They were all on their way to the Meymaneh hospital to treat local Afghan civilians.

"The insurgents who detonated the IED yesterday show their disregard for life by targeting those committed to improving the quality of life of Afghans," Billings said. "They have no regard for the well-being of the Afghan people, unlike the victims, who were here to treat the Afghan people."

"Many local civilians-to include insurgents-and NATO soldiers are alive today because of the selfless dedication of ISAF medical personnel," Billing added.