Afghanistan: DACAAR thanks local villagers, who defended DACAAR staff during attack

On 16 April the DACAAR staff house in Islamabad Village in Alishing District of Laghman Province suffered an unprovoked attack. At approximately 23:30, a good number of attackers fired RPG rounds at the main gate and entered the compound, possibly to abduct DACAAR staff. However, the explosion attracted the attention of villagers, who approached the DACAAR staff house armed with hunting rifles. In the following firefight, locals managed to repel the attackers while at the same time relocating DACAAR staff to safe houses.

"On behalf of DACAAR I would like to express my most sincere appreciation to the villagers of Islamabad Village for risking their life to protect DACAAR staff from the aggressors who attacked our staff house", says the director of DACAAR. "We can only work where local communities support the presence of DACAAR, so it is indeed encouraging to witness people actively protecting much needed development activities, implemented by the local community in collaboration with DACAAR".

At the end of the firefight approximately 40 ANP officers arrived to support the villagers. In total six people were injured during the fighting: one DACAAR driver, two villagers and three attackers. All injured were transferred to a nearby hospital by the police, including a captured leader of the assault group, taken by the villagers.

DACAAR activities in the affected area remains suspended, but will resume as soon as possible.

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