Afghanistan: Countrywide Weekly Market Price Bulletin, Issue 17 (Covering 2nd week of September 2020) - 9 September

Situation Report
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• Compared to last week (the first week of September), the average prices of all food commodities show no or negligible changes.

• Compared to 14 March (pre-COVID-19 prices), almost all main food commodity prices are significantly higher and both purchasing power indicators showed a decrease as follows:

• The average prices for both high and low price wheat flour were 9% higher;

• The average price of wheat was 12% higher;

• The average prices of high and low quality rice were 7% and 18% higher, respectively;

• The average price of cooking oil was 27% higher;

• The average price of pulses was 27% higher;

• The average price of sugar was 20% higher;

• Casual laborers’ and pastoralists’ purchasing power (Terms of Trade) have deteriorated by 4% and 7% respectively, mainly due to increased wheat prices.