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Afghanistan: Countrywide Weekly Market Price Bulletin, Issue 104 (Covering 3rd week of May 2022)



• Compared to last week, the price of core food commodities (wheat, wheat flour, rice, and cooking oil) increased by an average of 2-4 percent, mainly due to decreased supply, higher demand and the devaluation of the Afghani against the US Dollar.

• The price of imported wheat flour increased by 4 percent, 53.8 percent, and 55 percent compared to last week, last year same time, and June 2021, respectively. Normal supply from source markets and expected domestic harvest will partially help to stabilize the prices temporarily.

• The Afghani devalued by 3 percent compared to last week, which has had a negative impact on inflation. Afghanistan continues to face liquidity challenges, as cash shortages restrict daily transactions at banks and markets.

• Due to economic decline, the Terms of Trade (TOT) for casual labour deceased compared to last week and long term averages. Pastoralist TOT also decreased by 2 percent compared to last week and remains drastically lower (26 percent) than last year same time.