Afghanistan: Countrywide Weekly Market Price Bulletin, Issue 102 (Covering 1st week of May 2022)



• Prices of Cooking Oil and Rice high quality are increased comparing to 4th week of April 2022. other main food item’s prices are significantly higher comparing to last year same time and month of June 2021 before the political change in the country.

• Diesel prices has been increasing gradually from the last 3 weeks due to decreasing supply from sources markets . Comparing to last week prices are increased by 0.3 % and comparing to month of June its is still higher by 49 %.

• Comparing to last week, the value of Afghani against USD remained stable , lack of Afghani cash in the market is impacting market functionality. The value of Afghani against US Doller is considerably bellow comparing to last year same time and average level.

• Casual labour TOT is improved is slightly improved than last week, but livestock TOT is atypically declining in this season of the year mainly due to lower prices of livestock and higher prices of wheat grain.