Afghanistan: Countrywide Monthly Market Price Bulletin, Issue 23 (Covering April 2022) 18 May 2022



In April 2022:

• After Kazakhstan imposes temporary quota on exports of wheat and wheat flour , regional concerns on food supply to importing countries raised. This quota will be in place until at least 15 June 2022 and limit exports of wheat grain to 1 million tonnes and wheat flour to 300,000 tonnes. These bans comes at time when prices for food commodities have risen to record level globally. As result of mentioned bans , in Afghanistan demand of wheat flour has been increased and prices are expected to raise again in near future .

• As of March 2022, prices of wheat flour in main markets of Kazakhstan are higher by 3 percent , 8 percent and 16 percent compared to last month, last year and 5 years average respectively. While in Pakistan –Karachi market as of April 2022, prices of wheat flour are increased by 18% compared to last month the same its increased by 18% compared to last year same time, where to average of 5 years its increased by 5 years average. Karachi is the main market from where some time wheat flour is being exported to Afghanistan.

• Staple commodity prices ( wheat grain , wheat flour , cooking oil ) increased compared to last month and remained significantly above last year , 2 years average and month of June 2021 “before the political unrest in the country” .

• The national average prices of WFP food basket increased by 3 percent compared with last month , reaching 8016 Afghani (91.5 USD) , while last month the prices of the same food basket was 7812 Afghani (88.6 USD) . Its cost is higher by 37% compared to same time last year and 14% higher compared to the month of June 2021.