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Afghanistan - Complex Emergency Fact Sheet #7, Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 (May 27, 2022)



24.4 MILLION People in Afghanistan in Need of Humanitarian Assistance in 2022 UN – January 2022

19.7 MILLION People in Afghanistan Experiencing Acute Food Insecurity IPC – May 2022

22.1 MILLION Afghans Prioritized for Humanitarian Assistance Under the 2022 HRP UN – January 2022

5.8 MILLION IDPs in Afghanistan as of December 2021 UN – December 2021

381,600 Cross-Border Returnees from Iran and Pakistan in 2022 UN – May 2022

  • An estimated 19.7 million people in Afghanistan—nearly half the country’s population—are currently experiencing acute levels of food insecurity, according to the latest IPC analysis. While a scale-up of humanitarian assistance has prevented food security from worsening, severe levels of hunger persist countrywide.

  • Relief actors—including USG partners— are assessing and responding to humanitarian needs resulting from early May flooding, which adversely affected thousands of people across 15 provinces.