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Afghanistan - Complex Emergency Fact Sheet #5, Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 (September 3, 2021)



18.4 MILLION People in Afghanistan Requiring Humanitarian Assistance in 2021
UN – December 2020

14.5 MILLION People Projected to Require Emergency Health Services in 2021
UN – December 2020

570,482 People Displaced by Conflict During 2021
UN – August 2021

28,014 People Affected by Natural Disasters During 2021
UN – August 2021

791,995 Total Undocumented Returnees to Afghanistan in 2021
UN – August 2021

  • Access to health services across Afghanistan continues to decline due to a loss of funding to the sector, affecting thousands of health facilities.

  • WHO delivers urgently needed medical supplies by air amid recent challenges transporting commodities into Afghanistan.

  • More than 7 million people in Afghanistan who depend on agriculture and livestock for livelihoods require humanitarian assistance in the coming months due to ongoing drought and the upcoming winter.