Afghanistan: Bi-weeky Review, 12 February 2013

from NATO Civil-Military Fusion Centre
Published on 12 Feb 2013


  • Economic Development
  • Governance & Rule of Law
  • Security & Force Protection
  • Social & Strategic Infrastructure

Highlighted Topics

  • Pakistani authorities release one hundred containers from Karachi port.
  • India will assist Afghanistan in developing the stone and marble industry.
  • Peace talks between Afghanistan and Pakistan held in London.
  • Afghanistan’s rank in the World Press Freedom Index has improved by 22 points.
  • UN Committee accuses ISAF’s bombings of causing the death of many children.
  • Military equipment to be left behind may end up in the hands of the Taliban.
  • The TAPI member countries set up a Special Purpose Vehicle to attract investors.
  • ANSA calls on the government to implement standards for pollution reduction.