Afghanistan: Attacks on Health Care (August 2021)


On 5 August 2021, as a result of an armed clash in the Badpakh district of Laghman province, a health facility (Badpakh CHC) was completely destroyed, no casualty was reported. On 7 August 2021, airstrike targeted and destroyed Safyan BHC in Lashkar Gah City of Hilmand province. On 9 August, 2021, 8 unidentified gunmen summoned 35 healthcare workers of Sheed Basim-150 beds Covid-19 Hospital in Hirat province, stole their money/phones and wounded one. Also on 9 August 2021, 5 unknown gunmen entered a Covid-19 hospital in Lashkargah, Hilmand province, slapping a guard, broke the PCR lab door and took medical and non-medical equipment.