Afghanistan: ARCS calls for expansion of cooperation with IRCS

Mr. Qarabeik Izadyar, President of the Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) heading an 8-member delegation, met the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) President Dr. Ahmad Ali Noorbala in Tehran on 2 January 2003. During the meeting, Mr. Qarabeik Izadyar expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Iranian Red Crescent for its support and humanitarian assistance in the course of 24 years of war and internal conflict.
The IRCS has despatched a lot of relief items including foodstuffs, clothing and home appliances for thousands of needy Afghans during last year. It has sent 20 relief consignments weighting 2,000 tons at a total value of USD 3,100,000 to the people in need throughout Afghanistan. In addition the IRCS has also provided aid to 11,000 Afghan refugees in Mile 46 and Makaki camps for 7 months.

The IRCS has further announced its readiness to build a comprehensive rehabilitation centre in Kabul and hold short-term courses to train Afghan trainees in area of technical orthopaedics. Due to the culture and religious commonalities as well as language affinity of the two countries, the IRCS would like to share its experience with its bordering country, Afghanistan and the other neighbouring countries as well.

Pointing to the establishment of a diagnostic and treatment centre in Zaranj, capital of Nimrooz province, in Afghanistan in October and the donation of different relief consignments including an ambulance to the ARCS, Dr. Noorbala voiced the IRCS readiness for continuing humanitarian assistance in line with the cooperation between two National Societies.

A memorandum of understanding regarding humanitarian cooperation has signed between the IRCS and the ARCS in order to alleviate the suffering of the needy people of Afghanistan during last months.