Afghanistan: Appeal No. MAAAF001 2009-2010 - Programme Update No.2

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This report covers the period 01 July to 31 December 2009.

In brief

Programme purpose:

- Improve the health status of vulnerable people in targeted areas.

- Reduce the numbers of deaths, injuries and impact from disasters.

- Promote respect for diversity and human dignity, and reduce intolerance, discrimination and social exclusion.

- Enhance the service delivery capacity of Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) at all levels.

Programmes summary:

The major activities during the reporting period include the following:

Disaster management: The disaster management programme of the ARCS strengthened the coping capacities of the populations living in targeted disaster prone areas of the country by establishing and training five local disaster committees, 438 volunteers (including 13 women) and raising their awareness of the most common hazards in 13 provinces. The ARCS, with support of the International Federation, provided food and non-food assistance to 7,037 families considered most vulnerable through the effects of drought and other natural and man-made disasters across the country over the reporting period.

The ARCS has significantly enhanced its response capacities by establishing an emergency operation centre (EOC) at headquarter level, increasing its response mechanisms by establishing and training a fourth disaster response unit (DRU) in the eastern region, building a regional disaster preparedness warehouse in Herat and improving staff and volunteers' skills in disaster management areas. This capacity building initiative was funded by Danish Red Cross.

Through these activities, the ARCS's partnership with the public government authorities, Movement partners and other national and international stakeholders has been improved.