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Afghanistan and Azerbaijan Customs to Customs Cooperation

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A high ranking authority of Azerbaijan Custom authority came to Afghanistan. The delegation met Afghanistan minister of finance, DM of customs and revenues and other Afghan custom officials.

In a press conference that held in the deputy ministry of customs and revenues on 27 February Azerbaijan delegation promised to help Afghanistan in customs section.

Mr. Said Mubeen Shah Afghan Customs and Revenues Deputy Minister said: “Afghanistan is welling to enhance relations with its neighboring countries and friendly nations beyond its borders. Decades ago our customs lacked necessary infrastructure, manpower and technology to operate.

We began from scratch and have been able with the assistance from friendly countries and nations and efforts of the capable individuals in the customs to build the ruined infrastructure, attract and develop necessary capacities and optimize the use of modern technologies.

We are expecting besides the customs to customs cooperation, sharing of knowledge, expertise and building of our capacities. ”

Mr. Aydin Aliyev, Chairman of the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan – Head of delegation said: “Azerbaijan is committed to assist Afghanistan customs in many aspects, Building capacities in Azerbaijan Customs academy, sharing expertise on automation and e-governance.

As well Azerbaijan has build good relations with its neighboring countries in term of customs to customs cooperation in central Asia, and can use its leverage to assist Afghanistan boos its relation and cooperation with those countries. ”

Azerbaijani delegation contributed 12peices of computer, informative books about customs and two pieces of informative machines regarding customs.