Afghanistan: ANBP Newsletter, Issue No. 07, Apr 2007



On Sunday 8 April, the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) and the Joint Secretariat of the Disarmament and Reintegration Commission (D&RC) jointly inaugurated the first DIAG development project, Canal Rehabilitation & Cleaning in Mahmoud Raqi district of Kapisa Province.

This project will rehabilitate and clean eight canals, with a combined length of 95 km and an average width of five metres, and directly benefit over 240,000 inhabitants of the district. The project will take a month to complete.

This project is launched as a result of the district achieving DIAG compliance. There are two other districts which have successfully implemented DIAG and are currently finalising project technical preparations for a micro-hydro power station and a veterinary clinic. The projects are determined by local development councils and are available to all districts which successfully implement the DIAG programme.

A special ceremony was held at the governor's compound to inaugurate the project in Mahmood Raqi district.

Vice President - Provincial Governors Conference On DIAG

H. E. 2nd Vice President Ahmad Karim Khalili briefed nine governors from across Afghanistan on the implementation of DIAG at the district level in a conference held on 19 April 2007.

Nineteen districts have already begun DIAG activity in preparation for the upcoming DIAG campaign. Upon conclusion of the conference, the governors returned to their provinces to begin acting on the Vice President's orders.

This convention of this conference is sequenced to DIAG fundamental review which took place late last year. The purpose of the whole DIAG review exercise was to discover the various reasons for blocking the DIAG process and to review the DIAG Strategy and Concept of Operations to find out ways to overcome these problems in light of current situation according to the decision made at the Steering Group meeting.

Final findings were compiled by the Strategic Assumptions Groups and developed into a new Action Plan which was endorsed by H.E. President Karzai and later issued by a presidential degree on 17 February 2007.

Once districts achieve DIAG compliance, development projects will begin. DIAG has implemented a canal cleaning project in Mahmood Raqi district of Kapisa and is in the final project preparations for a veterinary clinic in Kohistan-2 district, Kapisa and a micro hydro-electric project in Farkhar district, Takhar.