Afghanistan: AC401 - ERM 09 Conflict: Household Assessment Report in Bamyan city of Bamyan Province

Description of shock:

Surging insecurity and conflicts between the AOGs and public uprising forces have displaced hundreds of people from their villages in Maidan valley area of central Wardak province to neighboring Bayman province, this comes as conflicts escalated and intensified 10 days back between the AOGs and public uprising forces in Jalrez district of Wardak province.

Having experienced many hardships, the displaced people had previously taken refuge in mosques and hotels but later on, the locals placed some of them into their homes. The clashes have compelled hundreds of people to flee from their origin villages, and AOGs blocked the Kabul-Bamyan Highway from the Maidan valley direction. Clashes in Jalrez district continued during the past week over control of the strategic area, connecting Bamyan and Kabul Province Following attacks against key Government offices, critical infrastructure was damaged. The reported presence of members of the AOGs in villages and main roads has heightened the risk of civilian casualties arising from any military aerial response, while the placement of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) on the roads has prevented civilians from safely fleeing the violence. At the moment situation in some villages of Jalrez is getting better, already some of the HHs have left Bamyan and went back to their origin villages or further to Kabul. due to fighting between AOGs and public uprising forces in Jalrez district, the households within the conflicts areas couldn’t cope with the conflict and they had to displace from their villages and settle within the secured areas/villages in Bamyan city which is secure and in control of government forces.

The joint assessment team out of 98 assessed households found 75 IDP HHs as eligible for emergency assistance.
OCHA and DORR in Bamyan reported 100 families’ displacement with in the district. AAH flying team started the assessment in Bamyan city on 28 August 2019 and on second of September the team completed the assessment of 98 HHs.