Afghanistan: 205th Warriors assist school children from Kandahar

Release # 2007-369

KANDAHAR AIRFIELD, Afghanistan - More than 500 local area children in grades first through 11th recently received donated basic school supplies as part of Project Support Kandahar's Kids from ISAF's 205th Regional Security Assistance Command.

The children received backpacks, pens, crayons and uniforms. The project has provided critically needed school supplies for children in the local area since July.

One teacher, who requested anonymity for security reasons, said education is important for Afghanistan's development.

"I am serving my country by educating the children," the teacher said. "We are giving them the opportunity to learn, they are the future of Afghanistan."

Navy Cmdr. Phil Miller is the organizer of this project. He credited his family and friends for the donations.

"They helped make the difference," Miller said. He works as an embedded trainer and operation mentor in the 205th Corps of the Afghan National Army.

The school's principal said he is accustomed to the challenges of educating Kandahar's youth. He said he and his staff of teachers recognize the first step to rebuilding their country is through education. The student's capability and desire to learn are of primary interest to the educators, regardless of their age. Students are required to learn many different subjects such as history, English, Dari, Pashto, chemistry and physics.

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