Afghan Civilian Assistance Program (ACAP III) - Monthly Status Update - July 2017 [EN/Dari/PS]

from UN Mine Action Service
Published on 13 Aug 2017 View Original


  • ACAP III substantially completed its immediate assistance response to the victims of the explosion on the 31st of May in Kabul which reportedly killed 150 and injured approximately 400. A total of 486 families were provided with food and non-food packages. The provision of ACAP III short-term services are continuing.

  • ACAP III field teams assessed 241 conflict related incidents, associated with 149 killed and 332 injured victims, throughout the country during July.

  • ACAP III held 57 immediate assistance distribution events in various parts of the country. A total of 766 immediate assistance packages were delivered reaching 6,864 beneficiaries (3,459 males, 3,405 females).

  • During the month of July, ACAP III provided psychosocial counselling, including group sessions to school students, to 1,349 new beneficiaries (912 males, 437 females); and physical rehabilitation to 345 new beneficiaries (118 females, 227 males).

  • ACAP III provided 159 income generation packages, resulting in 1,282 beneficiaries (568 males, 714 females).

  • Two ACAP III stories were posted on social media. These can be seen on USAID, UNMAS and MAPA Facebook sites as well as UNMAS's Twitter feed.

Issues and Operational Context:

The month of July witnessed a number incidents where many civilians were reportedly affected. They include:

  • 01 July: A road side bomb detonated on a vehicle in Achin District of eastern Afghanistan, where nine people were killed, including four children, and thirteen people were injured, all civilians.

  • 23 July: Insurgents clashed with government forces in Taywara district resulting in civilian casualties.

  • 23 July: Residents of Haska Mena district of Nangarhar province said that a foreign forces airstrike killed eight civilians and wounded ten others.

  • 24 July: A suicide bomber detonated an explosive-laden vehicle in the western part of Kabul killing at least 36 civilians and wounding over 40, including women and children.

  • 28 July: Reportedly, at least five civilians were killed, 125 others were wounded, and houses of many of those were damaged in an eight-day fight between Afghan forces and the insurgents in Baghlan-e-Markazai district in the west of Baghlan province.

  • 31 July: Insurgents attacked the embassy of Iraq in Kabul which left two Afghan civilians dead.

The surge in attacks across the country has applied pressure on ACAP III resources, including assessment personnel. In addition, fighting has resulted in several road closures, which has affected ACAP III's ability to deliver assistance packages to the provinces.