Afghan Civilian Assistance Program (ACAP III) - Monthly Status Update - January 2017 [EN/Dari/PS]

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• Held 46 immediate assistance distribution events in various parts of the country. 324 immediate assistance packages were delivered reaching 2,959 beneficiaries (1,458 males and 1,501 females).

• Enrolled 320 victims (248 males and 72 females) and 681 family members of victims (320 males and 361 females) in psychosocial counselling.
Counselling is ongoing for 821 beneficiaries (318 victims and 503 family members).

• Provided physical therapy visits and referrals to 464 beneficiaries (338 males and 126 females).

• Delivered 12 economic reintegration assistance packages tailored to victims’ and families’ needs benefitting 97 victims and families (36 males and 61 females).

• Identified and assessed victims of the 10 January twin bombings near the parliament building in Kabul that killed or wounded over 100 people. Eight immediate assistance packages were distributed to eligible victims and families. The majority of the victims were government employees not eligible for ACAP III assistance.

• Continued follow-up with two partner ministries (MoPH and MoLSAMD) for signatures on proposed letters of agreement between the ministries and ACAP III.

• Worked with partners to develop a concept note for the design and implementation of the National Disability Survey of Afghanistan.

• Shared an updated ACAP III flyer, including contact information for incident reporting and assessments, with international, national and regional project stakeholders.


• Victim assessments and provision of services were delayed in the north due to winter weather and in the south due to fighting between government and anti-government elements.

• An ACAP III surveyor was shot and killed in Herat after working hours. A report from an initial investigation indicated that incident was not related to the surveyor’s work with ACAP III.

Planned activities for next month:

• Engage an implementing partner for the implementation of the National Disability Survey.

• Sign letters of agreement with two partner ministries (MoPH and MoLSAMD) for the implementation of ministry related ACAP III activities