Afghan Border Police Officers complete OSCE-supported patrol leadership course

Seventeen Afghan border service officers completed a four-week OSCE patrolling and leadership training course on 9 August 2017 at the Gissar Training Centre, Tajikistan.

The participants improved their knowledge of map reading, pathfinding and provision of first aid in the field. The focus of the course was analysis and observation using topographic maps, satellite imagery and other tools. Field exercises were conducted in alpine skills, topography, land navigation and tactical movement by GPS and azimuth. Each participant was issued a uniform and the required tactical patrolling equipment.

The course was delivered by a national expert in border management, with the sessions on gender mainstreaming, human rights and demining awareness delivered by members of the OSCE Programme Office.

“The improvement of the capacity of Afghan Border Police Officers contributes significantly to strengthening security at the border between Afghanistan and Tajikistan and through this project, the OSCE is continuing its support of such efforts,” said Ambassador Tuula Yrjölä, Head of the OSCE Programme Office in Dushanbe.

The importance of Tajik and Afghan co-operation in the field of Border Management was also emphasized by Japanese Ambassador Hajime Kitaoka. “Only joint endeavours and mutual co-operation will build regional confidence and increase detection and seizures of illegal commodities and activities in border areas. Tactical training courses provided by the OSCE for Tajik and Afghan border officers are of great relevance,” he said.

The Afghan Embassy representative, Consul Jahid Ahmad Moslim, also highlighted the significance of the programme and commended its progress.

This was the 12th consecutive course held under the third phase of the patrol programming and leadership project of the OSCE, aimed at enhancing the capacities of Tajik, Kyrgyz and Afghan border staff in the detection and interdiction of illegal cross-border movements.

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