ACTED Afghanistan - Expansion of National Solidarity Programme (NSP) to new communities

The National Solidarity Program is ACTED's flagship program in Afghanistan in 5 provinces in Northern Afghanistan. ACTED's facilitation consists in mobilizing communities and overseeing the organization of elections in order to establish a Community Development Council in charge of conducting projects targeting the needs of the whole community. ACTED later assists the communities in planning and implementing the projects they have chosen.

ACTED started the mobilization process in new communities and has already established most of the 406 new Community Development Councils planned by its second year contract. The program was recently inaugurated in the districts of Yangi Qala (Takhar), Archi (Kunduz) and Fayzabad (Badakhshan).

As for communities ACTED started to work with in the first year of the National Solidarity Program, the first projects have been completed, mainly in Imam Sahib district near the Tajik border, but also in Baghlan province where 6 projects have been completed and officially handed over to the communities on May 17th. Baghlan TV and radio were present during the handover ceremony and later interviewed ACTED's provincial manager.