439 families finally have electricity in their homes

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Three villages in Samangan, have after implementing several different projects finally received electricity. Now the residents have electricity for their daily life and can use tailoring machines, water pumps, electric-mills, and have light during the nights.

In a small area in the Hazrat-e-Sultan district in the Samangan Province, there are three villages located close to each other. These villages have had, just like many other small villages in Afghanistan, a really hard time during the wars. Many residents that fled their homes, have today returned to the destroyed villages that once was their homes.

When the former residents returned to their villages after the wars, both the infrastructure and their houses were destroyed. They did not have electricity for tasks in their daily life. Many of the residents work as farmers and are in need of electricity for irrigation and to use their electric mills. They did neither have access to use or operate electric equipment or tools like: TV, fan, radio, tailoring machines and there was no light during nights.

Earlier, the villages received electricity for some time, from other projects, but the electricity was not sufficient. The Community Development Councils (CDC) for the three villages, Sirqia Afghania, Masjedi Jami Sirqia Uzbakia and Nawabad-e-Sirqia Uzbakia, then applied to the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan for power and cabling system of 400 W Power. An amount of electricity which is enough to sustain the resident’s daily living.