23 Results in Afghanistan

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  1. Improved performance of the Afghan National Police

  2. A more female friendly police force

  3. Improved police and community relations

  4. Improved police capacity for systems management and service delivery

  5. Key ministries mainstream gender issues into policies, programs & activities

  6. Religious leaders integrate women’s rights into prayers

  7. Vulnerable women access justice

  8. Government revenue enhanced due to anti-corruption efforts in the Ministry of Finance

  9. Government integrates international human rights standards into national policies

  10. Government transfers information on policy and procedures to district-level justice officials

  11. Basic structures are in place for the peace process

  12. Establishment of Department of Environmental Protection and Disaster Management Kabul University

  13. Afghans lead Parliamentary election

  14. Provided opportunities for Afghanistan’s youth

  15. Making affordable road transport accessible

  16. Communities plan local development projects through representative bodies

  17. Afghans have access to basic necessities like electricity and clean water

  18. Created opportunities for legal employment in unstable or insecure areas

  19. Improved effectiveness of sub-national governance entities

  20. Afghanistan’s Ministry of Finance successfully manages the budget cycle

  21. Foundations for sub-national governance put in place

  22. Enhanced service delivery at the municipal level: waste management

  23. Enhanced service delivery at the municipal level: revenue enhancement