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15 Nov 2017 description

Tanja Bernstein and Alischa Kugel

Conflict prevention is often seen as an activity undertaken at the national level with key actors involved residing in capitals or neighboring states. More and more, practitioners are focusing on local conflict dynamics, realizing the importance of addressing these conflicts as part of a wider conflict prevention strategy.

22 Sep 2017 description

Since the adoption of its Global Strategy in 2016, European foreign and security policy has been in transition. In the Sahel, missions are being “regionalized,” the topic of migration management is gaining in importance, and there are significant structural changes in the works in Brussels. In addition, there is also a completely new instrument in the EU’s crisis management portfolio: the so-called “stabilization action” in Mali which is the first operationalization of Article 28 of the Treaty of Lisbon.

26 Jul 2017 description

New ZIF Policy Briefing: Operationalizing Conflict Prevention - Peace and Development Advisors in Non-mission Settings

17 Jul 2017 description

This map offers a comprehensive overview of the peace operations deployed by the UN, EU, AU, OSCE, and other organizations.

A comparison with last year’s edition shows a moderate decline in the number of personnel deployed worldwide. This is largely due to the closures of the UN operation in Côte d’Ivoire and the EU operation in Afghanistan, as well as the downsizing of several other UN missions. Another notable development is the growth of the personnel numbers deployed in UN Special Political Missions.

11 Nov 2016 description

„Is everything going according to plan? Can the elections take place? What about security?”, Mechthild Henneke and Reinhold Osterhus ask the captain of the Columbian Air Forces nagging questions. They are sitting in a gym in the Upper Franconian village of Rödelmaier, however within the reality of the training scenario the village is located in the fictional country of Obsidia.

The training „Blue Flag“ should train 23 soldiers from Germany, Columbia, Zambia and other countries to become „Military Experts on Mission” (MEoM).

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17 Jul 2017 map
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05 Sep 2018 description
training Ongoing course Center for International Peace Operations

The ENTRi project has developed a comprehensive evaluation framework applicable for all training efforts offered under the ENTRi umbrella or elsewhere. All ENTRi training activities are evaluated under this evaluation framework to support quality in training, sustainable use of resources and impact on the working environment in missions. This toolkit consists of different documents from the ENTRi evaluation mechanism.

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31 Aug 2018 description
training Ongoing course Center for International Peace Operations

Crisis management and peacebuilding missions rely on the availability of well-prepared individuals. The design and delivery of well structured, effective educational programmes that meet organisational and individual needs are wholly reliant upon the abilities of the trainers entrusted with imparting the requisite knowledge and skills to their learners. For this reason, this free training package aims to be a guide to good practice in designing and delivering training.