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20 Sep 2012 description
Executive Summary

Women make peace but men negotiate it

A new report from ActionAid, IDS, and Womankind looks at the role of women in local peacebuilding initiatives, finding that women are more likely than men to adopt a broad definition of peace which includes the household level and focuses on the attainment of individual rights and freedoms such as education, healthcare and freedom from violence.

In contrast, men have a greater tendency to associate peace with the absence of formal conflict and the stability of formal structures such as governance and infrastructure.

20 May 2003 description
report WomanKind Worldwide

The international community's failure to follow through in Afghanistan means that despite the removal of the Taliban, women are still marginalised in the political process, and in many areas are subjected to higher levels of violence, forced marriage, trafficking and prostitution. A new report from international women's rights group WOMANKIND Worldwide today calls on the UK Government to lead an international push to implement promises made only a year ago that women would enjoy full rights and participation in the new Afghanistan.

03 Jul 2002 description
report WomanKind Worldwide

Afghan women at risk if international community leaves job half done


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20 Jul 2018 description
job Closing date: 08 Aug 2018 WomanKind Worldwide

Womankind is looking for a Policy and Programmes Officer to work as part of the Policy, Programmes & Learning team. S/he will support the planning, implementation and monitoring of Womankind’s programmes and activities in line with Womankind’s strategies. The post will be tasked with delivering four key areas of responsibility: Policy, Programmes & Learning team support; support to Policy, Programmes & Learning work; learning, monitoring and evaluation; and representation.