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27 Jul 2018 description

The unusually hot and dry summer in parts of the northern hemisphere has turned fields and forests into fuel for fires which are raging from the Arctic to the Mediterranean. These wildfires are devastating large regions, with far-reaching impacts for the environment, ecosystems, human health and the climate.

The wildfires are notable because they are happening in some places such as Scandinavia which are not accustomed to them. Advances in satellite technology has made it possible to monitor wildfire activity better than in the past.

10 Jul 2018 description

High impact weather, including extreme heat and disastrous precipitation, has marked the early part of summer in the northern hemisphere.

Japan has suffered the worst flooding and landslide in decades, with many daily rainfall records broken. According to official government figures on 10 July, more than 150 people have lost their lives and the casualty toll is expected to rise. Around 10,000 houses have been destroyed and/or inundated.

03 Jul 2018 description

Press Release Number: 03072018

Geneva, 3 July 2018 - A new Strategic Plan to guide the future direction of the World Meteorological Organization has been approved by its Executive Council, aiming at a more integrated Earth system approach to meet the inter-connected challenges of the 21st century.

26 Jun 2018 description

The Caribbean is moving closer to a much-needed regional strategy to strengthen people-centred early warning systems across the islands. This is vital to improve the preparedness and response to major natural hazards, according an expert review of the devastating 2017 hurricane season.

25 Jun 2018 description

The World Meteorological Organization is revamping its strategy on water in order to face up to the unprecedented challenges posed by water stress, floods and droughts and lack of access to clean supplies.

WMO Executive Council held a special one-day dialogue on water as part of a concerted drive to strengthen hydrological services and to improve forecasting, monitoring and use of water supplies and to tackle the problem of too much, too little or too polluted water.

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