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22 Nov 2017 description


  • A continued blockade could potentially impact 16.7 million people depending on public water networks and commercial water due to lack of fuel

  • An estimated 4.8 million litres of diesel per month is required to operate public water systems

  • Prices of commercially trucked water are increasing, resulting in pressure on household expenditure and other negative coping strategies

Potential impact of the blockade on water and sanitation services in Yemen

21 Nov 2017 description


116 is the total number of WASH incidents since the start of 2017.

Geographical breakdown of incidents by oblast and by government controlled versus nongovernment controlled areas:

Note that people are normally affected on both sides of the Line of the Contact despite of the location incidents.

Issues to highlight

  • Non-preparedness for the upcoming winter by LEO (electricity supplier for Luhansk GCA) creates risks for all public services in the Luhansk GCA and some services in NGCA.

20 Nov 2017 description
infographic UN Children's Fund, WASH Cluster


131 300 personnes de plus ont accès à l’eau potable :

  • Crise centrafricaine : 3 500 personnes ;

  • Crise du Nigéria : 127 800 personnes.

Faibles progrès vers l’atteinte de la cible pour la crise centrafricaine ; ceci est dû à des difficultés de mobilisation des financements du secteur.


152 850 personnes de plus ont accès aux services d’assainissement :

  • Crise centrafricaine : 1 180 personnes ;

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