Voluntas Advisory


Voluntas Advisory is born out of a clear mission: to be the most meaningful advisory firm in the world. By merging with JMW Consulting in January 2016 we have obtained a unique position as the Nordic consultancy with the greatest expertise on Africa and the Middle East together with the experience gathered through our own corporate careers.

Co-founded by philosopher and former CMO of Vestas Wind Systems A/S, Morten Albæk and the JMW founder Jakob Mathias Wichmann, we work from the virtue of establishing a professional intimacy with our clients and to enlighten and develop every human being we interact with on our journey to improve living standards and life quality through business as a force for good and through public actors as catalysts for distribution of opportunities and wealth creation. By joining forces with JMW, we have the ability to offer clarity through proprietary research and analyses on developing and emerging markets, including conflict zones and fragile states. Our field of expertise is where the complex interplay of politics and the economy, business and state creates new challenges and opportunities to see ideas, companies, and societies thrive through advanced policymaking, knowledge transfer, enabled local initiatives and growth and market-entry support.

With JMW on board, we are able to focus our time and knowledge to advise a broader range of private clients while developing our service to public clients further. Our drive is to deliver a strong sense of purpose, meaning, and sustainable impact in all our work, across the globe.

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