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21 Feb 2012 description

The Federal Government is providing around 300,000 euro to support an emergency aid project run by the German Red Cross in cooperation with the Syrian Red Crescent to alleviate the suffering of the people in Syria.

Foreign Minister Westerwelle issued the following statement today (18 February):

01 Feb 2006 description

In the first step, this Working Paper summarises the conceptual debate on the topic of "Linking relief, rehabilitation and development" and then describes experiences made by German NGOs with implementing this approach. Subsequently, the Working Paper analyses the institutional financing of LRRD and concludes with political demands on the Federal Government.

01 Aug 2005 description

Humanitarian aid addresses the victims of crises and disasters, aiming to save lives and mitigate human suffering, and is provided independently of the victims' ethnic, religious and political affiliations (VENRO 2003b:2). Over the last few years, the framework conditions of humanitarian aid have changed considerably. For one thing, the environment that humanitarian aid operates in has become more complex and complicated. For instance, during the last few years, the numbers of humanitarian actors have grown several times in the last few years.

30 Apr 2003 description

Focusing mainly on co-operation with armed forces in the context of armed conflicts, this paper examines the relationship between aid organisations and armed forces in terms of their political and practical impact on the work of NGOs. For this purpose, it considers the following:

- Normative foundations and humanitarian principles
- Increase of military involvement in humanitarian aid
- Cases of the involvement of armed forces in humanitarian crises
- Scope and limits of co-operation between aid organizations and armed forces

01 Jan 2003 description

This document shows what minimum standards should look like and gives recommendations on how they ought to be set. It was initiated by VENRO and has been prepared with the financial support of the German Foreign Office. The project was presented and discussed in the framework of the Co-ordinating