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30 Aug 2018 description

Since its outbreak in March 2011, the conflict in Syria has cost the lives of nearly 500,000 people, displaced more than half the country's population, and involved numerous atrocities and crimes against humanity. Seven decades after the Holocaust and despite promises of Never Again, a regime is targeting its own people while the international community stands by.

“The result of this conflict is a humanitarian catastrophe of staggering proportions.”

30 Aug 2018 description

Mali is currently facing numerous conflicts throughout its vast territory. Today, there is a potential risk of mass atrocities in Mali as multiple armed groups vie for power in a vacuum of state authority. Though mass atrocities are not yet taking place in Mali, early warning signs are visible and warrant attention.


15 Nov 2017 description

New Report: Mounting Evidence of Genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar

International cooperation needed to halt killing and seek justice

01 May 2015 description

Burma: A Bearing Witness Trip

In March 2015, staff from the Museum’s Simon-Skjodt Center for the Prevention of Genocide traveled to Burma to investigate threats facing the Rohingya people, a Muslim minority that has been the target of rampant hate speech, the denial of citizenship, and restrictions on the freedom of movement. These and a host of other human rights violations have put this population at grave risk for additional mass atrocities and even genocide.

30 Jul 2009 description

Museum expresses concern for millions of civilians still at risk in Sudan

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum announced today the update of its Google Earth initiative, Crisis in Darfur, with U.S. Department of State data that shed new light on the extent of the genocide in Darfur.

The new data show that more than 3300 villages have been damaged or destroyed in the Darfur region of Sudan, primarily between 2003 - 2005. This is more than twice the number that were identified in previous U.S.