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03 Dec 2018 description

Since the beginning of this year Ethiopia has more new conflict-driven Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) than any other country in the world, with over 1.4 million in 2018. Of the approximately 2.8 million total IDPs in Ethiopia, over 2.2 million are displaced due to conflict with the over 500,000 remaining displaced by climatic shocks, including drought- and flood-induced food insecurity. An estimated 7.9 million people in Ethiopia are in need of emergency food assistance, with those internally displaced being some of the most affected.

07 Nov 2018 description

Since late 2016, protests and violence in Cameroon South-West and North-West regions (Anglophone Cameroon) has caused significant internal displacement and refugee flows into Nigeria. Government restrictions and civilian-targeted attacks by various armed actors limit nearly all humanitarian access in these two regions. In mid-2018, the UN and Government of Cameroon issued humanitarian appeals, which have been minimally funded. Recent spikes in displacement have rapidly outpaced available funding.

01 Oct 2018 description

Needs are sharply rising in north, west, and central Afghanistan as drought, conflict displacement, and a spike in returns from Iran place additional stress on the humanitarian system. As winter looms, most Afghans displaced by drought have fled to the provincial capitals of Ghor, Herat, and Badghis provinces, forming sprawling informal settlements and overwhelming aid agencies


27 Aug 2018 description

The nine year conflict between Boko Haram, ISIS-West Africa, and the governments of the Lake Chad Basin region continues to threaten civilians and their livelihoods. This extremist-related conflict restricts humanitarian access and has displaced 2.4 million in the region. In total, there are an estimated 10.7 million in need of humanitarian assistance in the region, with nearly half (5 million) needing emergency food assistance.

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