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14 Mar 2019 description

On March 13, Attacks in the Idlib City region, Syria killed at least 14 civilians. On March 9 at 7:50 pm, a hospital in Saraqeb, Idlib was directly hit by an airstrike resulting in significant damage to the eastern wing. The hospital provides an average of 5,800 outpatient consultations, 500 inpatient admissions and 225 child births per month. The hospital was evacuated before the strike and no casualties were reported. A blood bank and the Saraqeb Ambulance System (supported by UOSSM) were also hit by an airstrike causing structural damage .

07 Mar 2019 description


March 7, 2019, Geneva, Switzerland - Over 900,000 Rohingya refugees are living in unhealthy conditions in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh. Due to a lack of available medical care, chronic diseases are ravaging the population. Among them, diabetes. This silent disease, whose severity is frequently underestimated, can cause multiple complications including the diabetic foot in 15% of cases.

25 Feb 2019 description

Geneva, Switzerland - It was a deadly weekend for Syrian children when several were killed in targeted attacks on civilians in Khan Sheikhoun, Idlib. At least seven people were killed including four children this weekend. Among the victims was an unborn baby which appeared to be full term.

18 Feb 2019 description

Geneva, Switzerland - UOSSM denounces the shelling of civilian areas in Khan Sheikhun and Ma'arat al-Nu'man in Idlib province, which has killed 18 civilians (eight children, seven women and three men) in the past 48 hours. In addition, on Saturday February 16th, shelling in Hama stuck the residence of Dr. Ahmad Hamwiya (pharmacist) in Al Madiq castle, killing him.

06 Feb 2019 description

Geneva, Switzerland - Escalating fighting in the ISIL held Hajin region of Deir Ez Zor has led to the massive displacement of over 10,000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) to the Al Hol refugee camp in Hassakeh this week. UNHCR reported over 35 children and infants have died from hypothermia and malnourishment since December on the journey or at the camp. More than 23,000 IDPs, mostly women and children, have fled to the Al Hol camp since December, overwhelming the camp originally designed for a third of the current capacity.

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