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07 Apr 2018 description

Geneva, Switzerland – A massive chemical weapon attack was just reported in Douma, Eastern Ghouta today. Early reports indicate 25 people have been killed and over 500 civilians have been injured with the numbers set to rise. Many of the victims were children. The attack coincides with numerous attacks on medical facilities in Douma today rendering the largest hospital out of service and a Red Crescent medical facility heavily damaged. The damage inflicted was amplified by the large number of internally displaced people, forced to crowd tightly together in shelters.

30 Mar 2018 description

Geneva, Switzerland - The following report details the work of UOSSM in providing eastern Ghouta

IDP’s with: primary health care, ambulance services, nutrition, mental health and psychosocial support, in addition to data collection. UOSSM is amongst a coalition of Syrian NGO’s serving the needs of the people of eastern Ghouta.

24 Mar 2018 description

Geneva, Switzerland -UOSSM responded to the forced displacement of the first two groups of people from Ghouta.

On Thursday, 450 families, roughly 2000 people, were displaced from Harasta, Ghouta. The second group of over 3000 people were transported earlier this morning.

The people were transported from Harasta to Qalaat Al Madeeq in the suburbs of Hama.

UOSSM provided child protection services, primary health care services, and ambulances to transport severe cases to area hospitals. UOSSM was one of several organizations aiding in the process.

19 Mar 2018 description

Geneva, Switzerland -Doctors in Eastern Ghouta performed 15 caesarean sections out of a total of 30 births yesterday. The doctors complain that they are being forced to do caesareans as the intense besiegement makes it difficult for expecting mothers to predict when they can safely go to the hospital.

13 Mar 2018 description

Toronto, Ontario -The passing of UN Security Resolution 2401 has not stopped the violence in Ghouta as at least 500 were killed and thousands were wounded since the resolution passed on February 24, 2018. In addition, at least 26 medical facilities have been systematically targeted and put out of service leaving an already vulnerable population with very limited access to healthcare.

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