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22 Aug 2018 description

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Mme. President,

Members of the Security Council,

We meet today in the wake of yet another series of violent escalations that threatened to plunge Gaza into war.

Over the past several weeks, Special Coordinator Mladenov has led unprecedented UN efforts, with the Government of Egypt and other regional and international partners, to prevent another devastating outbreak of hostilities, respond to the most urgent humanitarian needs, and support intra-Palestinian reconciliation.

01 Aug 2018 description

Executive Summary:

Core Responsibility 1 of the Agenda for Humanity on preventing and ending violent conflicts, and the four transformations it contains – transformation 1A on political leadership, 1B on acting early, 1C on staying and investing, and 1D on being inclusive in decision-making – is both farsighted and in lock-step with broader efforts for conflict prevention, at the United Nations and beyond.

31 Jul 2018 description

Executive Summary:

Core Responsibility One of the Agenda for Humanity on Preventing and Ending Conflicts parallels the ongoing efforts at the United Nations to prioritize prevention in the UN’s work, particularly through the concept of sustaining peace.

In stakeholder reporting on implementation of WHS commitments, Member States stressed their efforts to bring about a more coherent and coordinated approach within their national governments, including by integrating conflict prevention.

13 Jun 2018 description
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Nepali version

Nepal, 14 June 2018: The Department of Political Affairs has responded to the request from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nepal for the closure of the DPA Liaison Office in Kathmandu after successfully fulfilling its mandate. In consultation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Liaison Office will be closed within the next three months.