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29 May 2018 description


  • 270,000 people are in need of assistance across four provinces of Papua New Guinea’s highlands.

  • 11,761 households (approximately 58,300 people) remain displaced, of which 1,672 households are staying in eleven care centres while 10,089 households remain with host communities.

  • 8,362 children under 5 years have been vaccinated against Measles-Rubella (MR), while 1,861 infants have received Pentavalent vaccinations.

10 May 2018 description

Humanitarian protection is about improving safety, well-being and dignity for crisis-affected populations. Protection refers not only to what we do, but also the way we do it. These principles include:

  • Do not cause further harm or create new risk of harm

  • Nondiscriminatory access to assistance and services

  • Identify the most vulnerable and their specific needs

  • Safe and dignified access to basic services

  • Community participation and empowerment

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