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06 Dec 2017 description

Over the past twenty years since signing the Dayton Peace Agreement, the authorities in BiH at all levels have been working hard to resolve the issues of protracted displacement. However, the remaining challenges call for solutions that require stronger co-ordination between the participants and more specific defining of needs and sources of funding.

11 Oct 2017 description

Ongoing UNHCR project in BiH designed to strengthen municipal capacities for management of data on the needs of the internally displaced and returnees significantly increased quality and effectiveness of assistance.

In April 2017, UNHCR Representation in Bosnia and Herzegovina initiated a BAM 2.5 million project to enhance sustainability of the (internally) displaced people (IDPs) and returnees and to support management of data about this population data management in six municipalities - Bihać, Novi Grad, Kotor Varoš, Lukavac, Doboj and Čapljina.

11 Feb 2017 description

Floods, landslides, drought, storms, earthquakes and forest fires... Bosnia and Herzegovina is prone to natural disasters that hurt agriculture. Supported by the Swiss Government, FAO organized a conference on February 08 on “Post-Disaster Needs Assessment Guidelines,” presenting findings and recommendations for improving current methodologies for assessing damages and losses in agriculture.

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