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13 Sep 2018 description
report UNAIDS

For the second year in a row, UNAIDS has been recognized for meeting or exceeding all of the performance indicators of the United Nations System-Wide Action Plan on Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN-SWAP). UNAIDS was the first United Nations entity to achieve this and remains the only one to date.

12 Sep 2018 description
report UNAIDS

Unjust laws can prevent people from accessing the services they need to prevent or treat HIV, and people who use drugs need help and care, not punishment—these are two of the messages from the new Model Drug Law for West Africa. Launched on11 September in Dakar, Senegal, the model drug law aims to guide policy-makers in the region on how to better frame their drug laws.

05 Sep 2018 description
report UNAIDS

First ladies from across Africa and the First Lady of China, Peng Liyuan, have reaffirmed their commitment to a future free from AIDS by spearheading a new joint initiative to prevent HIV among young people. China will work with African countries and international organizations to implement a three-year health promotion and HIV prevention advocacy programme for adolescents, starting in 2019.

28 Aug 2018 description
report UNAIDS

The National Coordinator of Botswana’s National AIDS Coordinating Agency, Richard Matlhare, has warned that complacency risks derailing the country’s AIDS response.

“The government is committed to ending the AIDS epidemic,” he said at the Botswana International HIV Conference, which took place in Gaborone, Botswana, from 23 to 25 August. “The new National HIV and Strategic Framework 2018–2023, to be launched later, has positioned HIV prevention as a game-changer to achieve epidemic transition.”

13 Aug 2018 description
report UNAIDS

Environ 18 mois après le lancement du plan de rattrapage, le Comité national de lutte contre le sida (CNLS), le Ministère de la Santé et l’ONUSIDA ont organisé ensemble un atelier à Bangui afin de faire le point sur les progrès accomplis et les problèmes rencontrés et d’accélérer l’accès au traitement pour les personnes vivant avec le VIH en République centrafricaine. L’atelier a également été l’occasion de renouveler l’engagement politique en faveur de la riposte au VIH et d’appeler à une action urgente dans le domaine de la prévention.

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