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21 Jan 2019 description
report UN Women

Mereng Alima Bessela, age 50, is a successful entrepreneur from Ntui, in the Central Region of Cameroon. She is a cocoa farmer, which is traditionally farmed by men, has her own restaurant business and a fish farm. Like thousands of women in the region, Madame Bessala has no lack of acumen, but needs access to skills, markets and finance. Meeting these needs is at the heart of a UN Women project funded by The Development Bank of Central African States, implemented in communities living along a road that is being built between the townships of Batchenga, Ntui and Yoko.

21 Jan 2019 description
report UN Women

The SADA Women Empowerment and Solidarity Centre provides livelihood skills and psycho-social support and referral services to refugees like Nur Omar* and local women in Gaziantep, Turkey. Set-up by UN Women, the Centre helps women like Nur Omar learn new skills and start a brighter future.

08 Jan 2019 description
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***Aung Ja * was 18 when a woman from Myitkina, northern Myanmar, convinced her to take a ‘factory’ job in China. She was rescued in 2017 and is taking part in a UN Women-supported trafficking prevention programme.***

21 Dec 2018 description
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UN Women expresses its concern in face of the acts of violence, intimidation and harassment against women human rights defenders and women’s organizations in Nicaragua. Several civil society organizations have been raided and their legal status withdrawn. This poses a serious threat to the right to defend human rights.

Putting an end to these acts of intimidation and threat and ensuring the protection of women human rights defenders and their rights, including the free exercise of their rights to expression and association, are priority areas for attention.

14 Dec 2018 description
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Peace processes often centrally focus on how to share or split power between the political and military groups at the heart of the conflict, in search of a compromise that will end violent conflict.

Arrangements for sharing or splitting power often contain complex mixes of some or all of the following power-sharing types:

• Political power-sharing: mechanisms for joint involvement of key protagonists of conflict in political institutions.

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