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21 Mar 2017 description


Amidst political tensions, an estimated 18 million people across DPRK continue to suffer from food insecurity and undernutrition, as well as a lack of access to basic services. Recurrent natural hazards – particularly extended droughts punctuated by near-annual floods – exacerbate and create new humanitarian needs. As a result people have crucial, unmet food, nutrition, health and, water, sanitation and hygiene needs.

Chronic food insecurity

28 Nov 2016 description

(Pyongyang, 28 November 2016): Three months after devastating floods hit the North Hamgyong province of DPR Korea, almost 12,000 families whose homes were destroyed have moved into new houses.
According to local authorities new homes for 11,928 families have been built and repairs were made to another 17,698 households. At the same time international agencies have been providing flood-affected people with food, shelter, medicines and water and sanitation relief to meet the most immediate needs, as well as educational supplies, warm winter clothing and household items.

14 Oct 2016 description


Flooding in North Hamgyong Province, north-east of DPRK, killed at least 138 people and displaced around 69,000 people. At least 140,000 people are severely affected and require immediate life-saving support, while as many as 600,000 people need some form of assistance.

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