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16 Feb 2018 description

Abidjan, 1 February 2018 - Parties to the Bamako Convention adopted a set of decisions. They also adopted, by consensus, a negotiated Ministerial Declaration through which they reaffirmed their commitment to make Africa a pollution-free continent.

06 Feb 2018 description
  • El primer informe de evaluación mundial exhaustivo de base empírica en materia de degradación del suelo se presentará en marzo de 2018.
  • Mejores pruebas disponibles para que las instancias decisorias adopten decisiones bien fundadas para detener e invertir la degradación del suelo.
  • Elaborado por más de 100 expertos internacionales destacados de 45 países durante 3 años.
06 Feb 2018 description
  • Le premier rapport complet au monde fondé sur des preuves et portant sur la dégradation des sols sera rendu public en mars 2018.
  • Meilleures données probantes disponibles pour permettre aux décideurs de prendre des décisions avisées en vue d'enrayer et d'inverser le processus de dégradation des sols.
  • Élaboré pendant 3 ans par plus de 100 éminents experts internationaux issus de plus de 45 pays.
06 Feb 2018 description
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  • World's fist comprehensive evidence-based assessment report on land degradation will be launched in March 2018
  • Best-available evidence for decision makers to make informed decisions to halt & reverse land degradation
  • Prepared by more than 100 leading international experts from 45 countries over 3 years
  • Draws on more than 3,000 scientific papers, Government reports, indigenous and local knowledge & other sources
  • Improved by over 7,300 comments from more than 200 external reviewers, including Governments

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08 Feb 2018 description
job Closing date: 28 Feb 2018 UN Environment Programme

The Environmental Mainstreaming consultant will be responsible for the delivery of:

  • Environmental mainstreaming framework designed and operationalized;

  • Dialogue established and maintained with the humanitarian and development partners;

  • Capacity building plan and products developed;

  • Plan developed to monitor impact of environmental mainstreaming;

  • Quarterly progress reports.

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08 Feb 2018 description
training Registration deadline: 01 Mar 2018 Training date: 01 Mar 2018 to 10 May 2018 UN Environment Programme

About this course

Conflicts over natural resources and the environment are among the greatest challenges in 21st century geopolitics. These conflicts present serious threats to human security at both the national and local levels. Natural resources and the environment can nonetheless serve as a vehicle for peace if managed in a sustainable and equitable manner. Environmental peacebuilding has emerged as a new frontier in interdisciplinary studies.

05 Oct 2017 description

UN Environment and TH Köln (University of Applied Sciences) in Germany are pleased to announce the relaunch of the much anticipated massive open online course (MOOC) on ‘Disasters and Ecosystems: Resilience in a Changing Climate’. The course is hosted on the Asian Disaster Preparedness Center Platform.