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12 Dec 2018 description

Kabul, 12 December 2018 – With an urgent need to scale up disaster risk reduction across Afghanistan and to address humanitarian needs, UN Environment carried out a three-day interactive training course in Kabul from 10 -12 December 2018, to examine the challenges and opportunities for advancing ecosystem-based disaster reduction measures in humanitarian action and development planning.

12 Dec 2018 description

Katowice, 12 December 2018 – Today, at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 24) in Poland, 15 international organizations jointly announced a commitment to make their operations climate neutral. The organizations will measure their greenhouse gas emissions, reduce them as much as possible and compensate the currently unavoidable ones with credible carbon credits.

With over 2 million tons of CO2 per year in emissions, and more than 50,000 staff, the aggregate action by this organizations represents an important example that may be taken at all levels of society.

12 Dec 2018 description

Ciudad de Guatemala, 7 de diciembre de 2018.- La Organización Internacional para las Migraciones (OIM) y ONU Medio Ambiente acordaron hoy trabajar de manera conjunta para abordar la estrecha relación entre la movilidad humana, el cambio climático y el medio ambiente en Guatemala.

07 Dec 2018 description

Aziza Mohammed Abdallah Mukhtar wears an unassuming smile that does not betray the important role she plays in her Zamzam farming community of nearly 3,000 residents in Sudan’s arid North Darfur State.

About four years ago, Aziza was struggling to eke out a living as a tobacco farmer in the Zamzam Village Council about 14 kilometres south west of the state capital El Fasher.

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25 Jun 2018 description
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