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19 Aug 2018 description

Every day humanitarian aid workers help millions of people around the world, regardless of who they are and where they are.

World Humanitarian Day, marked on 19 August, offers the United Nations and other humanitarian organizations an opportunity to celebrate the daily work of humanitarian responders worldwide and recognize their dedication to helping others, no matter how hard it may be. World Humanitarian Day also gives us pause to reflect on how to continue improving the humanitarian response to natural and man-made disasters and complex emergencies.

14 Aug 2018 description

Climate change, desertification, species loss, deforestation, floods and famine – these are the very real shared challenges we are facing as a planet in the 21st century, challenges that cannot be ignored.

For over 40 years, UN Environment has been the world’s leading environmental advocate, delivering scientific insight, setting the global agenda on the environment, offering solutions and providing leadership on critical environmental issues.

19 Jul 2018 description

A typical day for 29-year-old Sukhai Mala begins with a visit to the local government office, where large posters promoting solar panels, organic farming and proper sanitation adorn the walls. From the office, Sukhai sets out on his bicycle, pedaling across road and field from house to house. With his youthful charm and friendly smile, he’s a persuasive spokesperson. And before the sun has set, he has spread his message to as many residents as he has been able to pedal to.

17 Jul 2018 description

After four years of intense negotiations, 24 Latin American countries adopted last March a legally binding instrument to implement Principle 10 of the Rio Declaration in Latin America and the Caribbean. Principle 10 guarantees the rights of access to environmental information, public participation in decision-making, and access to justice in environmental matters. It also protects of the right of each person of present and future generations to live in a healthy environment.

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05 Oct 2017 description

UN Environment and TH Köln (University of Applied Sciences) in Germany are pleased to announce the relaunch of the much anticipated massive open online course (MOOC) on ‘Disasters and Ecosystems: Resilience in a Changing Climate’. The course is hosted on the Asian Disaster Preparedness Center Platform.