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20 Apr 2018 description
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Kyiv and Washington are calling on Ukrainian separatists not to stop the pumps in a mine where a small nuclear bomb was detonated in 1979.

20 April 2018

Ukrainian Ecology Minister Ostap Semerak said the potential existed for a “radiation catastrophe” if plans to flood the Yunkom coal mine go ahead, The Irish Times reports.

03 Mar 2017 description
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Budapest says the new fence will deter the expected surge in migrant numbers.

Hungary, the first EU country to put up border fences during the migrant crisis, is building a stronger line of defense against migrants, even though their numbers have fallen dramatically.

Work has begun on a new fence parallel to the existing one along the Serbian border. Reuters reports that the fence will be equipped with cameras and motion sensors and will be able to deliver a mild electric shock to anyone trying to get through.

17 Jun 2016 description
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Bulgarian media are reporting suspension of readmission agreement, but Turkish Embassy denies major change.

Turkey has unilaterally suspended its refugee readmission agreement with Bulgaria, government sources told Bulgarian newspapers 24 Chasa  and Dnevnik.

03 Jun 2016 description
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Starting this week, EU countries can send back non-EU citizens who enter the bloc from Turkey illegally.

Bulgaria’s preparations for an expected uptick in migrants crossing from Turkey are coming in handy these days.

Migrants who go around or through the almost-finished, 150-kilometer border fence will be sent to a new purpose-built camp.

“This section of the border is getting attention for a reason: the EU-Turkey deal largely cut off the Greece-Macedonia route, so people smugglers have been seeking new routes, or reactivating old ones,” the BBC reports.

06 May 2016 description
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New EU proposal for asylum reform includes fines for those who do not comply and elicits predictable response from region’s politicians.

5 May 2016

Central European leaders have loudly voiced their dissatisfaction with the EU’s latest draft asylum rules, which were officially proposed on 4 May. The new guidelines, passed by the European Commission, seek to spread the burden now faced by those on the EU’s outlying borders, such as Greece and Italy, The Wall Street Journal reports.