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Theirworld is an innovative charity which helps children to fulfil their potential.

Through research, pilot projects and campaigning, Theirworld is at the forefront of testing and shaping new ideas to help give children in the United Kingdom and around the world the best possible start in life.

We are an international campaign with a diverse team from several countries. We have offices in London, New York, Los Angeles and Washington, DC.

Launched in 2013, we are now a movement of hundreds of thousands of people from more than 250 civil society, teacher, faiths, youth, business, international and non-governmental organisations. We have 500 Global Youth Ambassadors campaigning in 85 countries across the globe.

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21 Mar 2018 description
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The conflict has left thousands traumatised and alone - but some students who fled to Tanzania have told how education has given them hope.

Refugee children who lost their parents during violence in Burundi’s civil war have spoken about how education is helping them to rebuild their lives.

Since the conflict began in 2015, more than 250,000 people are estimated to have fled into Tanzania and neighbouring countries – many of them unaccompanied children.

20 Mar 2018 description
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They were hiding in a basement when three missiles hit the school in Arbin, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

Fifteen children were killed when an air strike in Syria's Eastern Ghouta hit a school basement they were using as a bomb shelter, reports have said.

Two women also died and about 50 people were injured in the raid in Arbin late last night, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

06 Mar 2018 description
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Over a week after the natural disaster, some regions are still inaccessible and tens of thousands of students have had their education disrupted.

An earthquake that devastated Papua New Guinea has damaged schools and disrupted the education of tens of thousands of children.

All schools in the Southern Highlands region and some in Hela region are closed indefinitely and some have been destroyed completely. Many of the roads used by students to get to school are unsafe.

06 Mar 2018 description
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Half of the war-torn country's schools are shut and families are having to choose between feeding their children and ensuring they get an education.

Some of South Sudan's 6000 schools opened for a new academic year last month - but the government does not know how many.

Teachers have not been paid. Many of them, and their pupils, are on the run after four years of fighting. In the capital, classrooms are filled with hungry displaced families.

05 Mar 2018 description
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Stunting among young children has been halved thanks to co-operation and a wide-ranging programme of health checks, funding and education.

A campaign of health checks, funding and education has managed to make a significant dent in Peru's childhood stunting crisis.

The rate of children whose growth is impaired has been halved in less than a decade and, with better care and nutrition, even the poorest indigenous children are thriving.