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Theirworld is an innovative charity which helps children to fulfil their potential.

Through research, pilot projects and campaigning, Theirworld is at the forefront of testing and shaping new ideas to help give children in the United Kingdom and around the world the best possible start in life.

We are an international campaign with a diverse team from several countries. We have offices in London, New York, Los Angeles and Washington, DC.

Launched in 2013, we are now a movement of hundreds of thousands of people from more than 250 civil society, teacher, faiths, youth, business, international and non-governmental organisations. We have 500 Global Youth Ambassadors campaigning in 85 countries across the globe.

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11 Oct 2017 description
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Millions of girls around the world are being denied an education because they are exploited, discriminated against - or just ignored.

Millions of girls aren't at school today. They are shut out of education because of discrimination, poverty, emergencies and culture.

These girls have the same hopes and dreams as boys. They want to learn, fulfill their potential, work and help their families and communities.

But too often they are treated as second-class. They are exploited, abused and simply disregarded in many countries.

05 Oct 2017 description
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Despite promises by world leaders to get all Syrian refugees into school, there are still many barriers preventing children in Lebanon from getting an education.

The start of a new school year should be an exciting time for children. But not for more than 280,000 of them in Lebanon.

That's how many Syrian refugees are still out of school there. Some haven't had an education for many years - younger ones have never set foot in a classroom.

04 Oct 2017 description
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"Mobile schools" are being used to take education to children in small communities in parts of the country that are under attack from Boko Haram.

“These areas have not been safe for teachers so we hire teachers who go into communities and teach - and then they go back to where it is safe,” said Alfred Hangus.

An education in emergency specialist for the charity Plan International, Hangus is based at Maiduguri in Borno state, northeastern Nigeria.

28 Sep 2017 description
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A "bold and positive" change in government policy will see undocumented refugee children allowed to join double-shift schools. Until now, Syrian children who are not registered officially as refugees have been blocked from going to government schools in Jordan.

But that is about to change. Children who lack the required documents and special refugee ID card will be allowed to start attending classes in a move described as "bold and positive" by a United Nations official.

26 Sep 2017 description
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Safe spaces and schools are vital if huge numbers of children fleeing from violence in Myanmar are to recover from their toxic stress.

Almost 60% of the Rohingya refugees fleeing ethnic atrocities in Myanmar are children - and many are escaping on their own.

Stories of violence against women and children - villages burned, infants thrown in rivers, toddlers and mothers shot - abound from makeshift camps in neighbouring Bangladesh, where survivors are struggling to find clean water, food and proper shelter.