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13 Dec 2018 description
report Stanley Foundation

Courier: Provoking Thought and Encouraging Dialogue on World Affairs (Winter 2018 Issue)

Keeping Peace in the Central African Republic

There Are More Boy Scouts Than UN Peacekeepers in the CAR. Even in the Midst of a Civil War, the Scouts Are Arguably More Effective.

04 Apr 2018 description
report Stanley Foundation

Talk to a fisherman anywhere in the world and it won’t be long before you’ll hear the tales: the first catch, the one that got away, the really big one. On the Tonlé Sap Lake, the largest body of freshwater in Southeast Asia, the fish stories are divided into then and now.

09 Jan 2018 description
report Stanley Foundation

While violence and violent conflict are increasing worldwide and violence containment costs the global economy $14.3 trillion per year, according to the Institute for Economics and Peace, less than 10 percent of global official development assistance (ODA) is spent on the characteristics that can prevent violence in the first place, including countering humanitarian suffering, mass violence and atrocities, and chronic underdevelopment.

12 Dec 2017 description

Inaction Will Enable Further Abuse of Vulnerable Rohingya

(New York) – The United Nations Security Council should take prompt, concerted, and effective international action to respond to Myanmar’s Rohingya crisis, Human Rights Watch and 80 other nongovernmental organizations said today in a joint appeal to the council.