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22 Nov 2017 description

A new SOS Children’s Villages programme will improve livelihoods and gender relations between host communities and the growing number of refugees

SOS Children’s Villages Uganda will launch a programme to help the surging number of refugees in the country’s southwest, with a focus on vulnerable local and refugee families.

16 Nov 2017 description

Two months after a powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake in south-east Mexico, SOS Children’s Villages is considering establishing a Child Friendly Space to provide support for children still affected by the devastation.

None of the more than 40 children at SOS Children’s Village Tehuacán were hurt during the 19 September earthquake and there was no major damage to the village. Families in the surrounding community programmes were also reported unharmed.

12 Oct 2017 description

SOS Children’s Villages-Columbia University tap scientific knowledge and on-the-ground experience to keep children safe.

SOS Children’s Villages has launched a collaboration between its Global Emergency Response team and the International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI) at Columbia University’s Earth Institute. The focus of the partnership is a joint effort to improve global disaster preparedness and management, focusing in particular on the risk-management tool Resilience360.

04 Oct 2017 description

A year after a devastating hurricane hit southern Haiti, SOS Children’s Villages Haiti has restored livelihoods both within an SOS village and the surrounding community.

13 Sep 2017 description

SOS Haiti stands by to help families affected by wind and rain damage in vulnerable northeast communities.

SOS Children’s Villages Haiti is carrying out assessments in communities affected by Hurricane Irma, which spared much of the country and caused only minor damage to an SOS Children’s Village property.

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18 Jun 2018 description
job Closing date: 29 Jun 2018 SOS Children's Villages International

SOS Children’s Villages International is a Global Organisation established in 1949 that works to meet the needs and protect the interests and rights of orphaned and vulnerable children. SOS Children’s Villages International works through member associations in 135 countries worldwide.

18 Jun 2018 description
job Closing date: 30 Jun 2018 SOS Children's Villages International

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SOS Children’s Villages Zambia is a child focussed organization and an affiliate of the SOS Children Villages International. It is non-governmental, non-political, non-denominational, and non-racial. Its overall mission is to build families for children in need, help them shape their own futures and share in the development of their communities. To realise the mission of the organisation, SOS CV Zambia is recruiting a National Director who will lead the organisation.

National Director (Job Ref: SOS/ND/13 /6)

15 Jun 2018 description
job Closing date: 22 Jun 2018 SOS Children's Villages International



(Job Ref: SOS/11/6)**

Position title: Health & Education Alignment Support Intern (short-term role)

Working location: IB Nairobi Office, Kenya

Region: International Office Region for Eastern & Southern Africa (ESAF)

Reporting to: Health & Education Alignment Project Manager

Duration: 5-6 months

13 Jun 2018 description
job Closing date: 24 Jun 2018 SOS Children's Villages International

Sous la supervision du coordinateur national du Programme d’Urgence, le titulaire du poste agit en tant que Psychologue pour ce programme. Le Psychologue apporte un soutien psychologique aux bénéficiaires du programme d’urgence et à leurs accompagnateurs, Garantie la qualité de la mise en œuvre de la composante PSS des projets d’urgence de SOS Villages d’Enfants Centrafrique dans les zones de mise en œuvre des projets, supervise les agents psychosociaux du programme d’urgence et garantie la qualité de leur intervention.

Principales tâches et responsabilités

08 Jun 2018 description
job Closing date: 22 Jun 2018 SOS Children's Villages International

Fondée en 1949, SOS Villages d’Enfants International est une Organisation Internationale de développement social qui œuvre dans plus de 132 pays à travers le monde, dans le but de satisfaire les besoins et de protéger les droits des enfants vulnérables.