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28 Feb 2018 description

Most Notable Violations of Security Council Resolution 2401 in Three Days

SNHR said in a report released today that 107 civilians, including 34 children, were killed in Syria in the first 72 hours that came after Security Council resolution 2401 was adopted.

13 Feb 2018 description

SNHR said in its report, which was released today, that the Syrian regime has diminished the French initiative, after diminishing the American red line, by carrying out an attack using chemical weapons in Saraqeb city, eastern suburbs of Idlib governorate.

01 Feb 2018 description

SNHR said today that no less than 774 civilians were killed in January by the parties to the conflict in Syria, including 550 at the hands of Syrian-Russian alliance forces.

The report notes that SNHR has largely focused, since it was founded, on documenting victims who were killed at the hands of the parties to the conflict, and created a database for the victims’ names and their information such as sex, age, occupation, way of killing, the party that killed them, and the type of weapon used.

26 Jan 2018 description

SNHR has released its annual special report for the year 2017 which was entitled: “A Displaced People and a State Left in Ruins”. The report monitors the most notable violations of human rights by the parties to the conflict in Syria of the last year.

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