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13 Dec 2017 description

Concerns for hundreds of unaccompanied children sleeping rough in Greece this winter

NGOs launch roadmap for handover of refugee response to Greek Government

More than 2,000 unaccompanied children are on the waiting list for safe shelters in Greece, according to a new report by 12 organisations. The chronic shortage of accommodation for children is just one of the gaps in services that is worsening as the Greek Government prepares to take full control of the refugee response.

01 Dec 2017 description

(Athens) – The Greek government, with the support of European Union leaders, should act now before the onset of winter to end Greece’s “containment policy,” 12 human rights and humanitarian organizations said in a campaign that began today.

The groups began a countdown to the official start of winter, December 21, 2017. They said that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, with the support of EU leaders, should immediately transfer people to improved conditions on the mainland and take concrete measures by December 21 so that no asylum seekers are left out in the cold.

27 Nov 2017 description
report SolidarityNow

Earning a stable income is a necessary condition for the empowerment of people to reach their potential. For SolidarityNow, linking people with the labour market and enabling them to find a job is the ultimate goal of the comprehensive efforts for their social integration, decreasing dependency on state/NGO assistance and providing opportunities for personal development.

22 Nov 2017 description

Groups Press Greek Officials, EU States for Mainland Transfers, Improved Conditions

(Athens) – The Greek government, with the support of EU member states, should act now to end Greece’s “containment policy,” 20 human rights and aid groups said today. The policy forces asylum seekers arriving on the Greek islands to remain in overcrowded, unsafe facilities, an urgent concern with winter approaching.

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15 Aug 2017 description
job Closing date: 19 Jan 2018 SolidarityNow



  • Mediate with beneficiaries while briefings or sessions are conducted
  • Ensure accurate and precise information is passed to the beneficiaries in an understandable and culturally acceptable way.

  • Data base and Case related info management

  • Filling and registering all cases and actions to the DataBase upon instructions of the supervisor

  • Maintain hard and electronic files archive updated