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14 Sep 2017 description
report Small Arms Survey

New Briefing Paper on the UN Programme of Action’s Sixth Biennial Meeting

The Sixth Biennial Meeting of States (BMS6) was the final meeting before the Third Review Conference of the UN Small Arms Programme of Action (PoA), scheduled for June 2018, and the first since the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Taking account of the SDGs and other new developments, the main task for BMS6 was to prepare the ground for the Review Conference.

27 Jun 2017 description
report Small Arms Survey

The chaos that engulfed Libya following the collapse of the Qaddafi regime has attracted fighters from northern Chad and Darfur, placing the Chad–Sudan–Libya triangle at the centre of a regional system of armed conflicts. This has led to the re-emergence since 2011 of a regional market for cross-border combatants. These ‘guns for hire’ offer their services as militiamen, rebels, mercenaries, traffickers, and bandits.

19 May 2017 description
report Small Arms Survey

Following fighting in Juba in July 2016 and Riek Machar’s flight into the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the peace agreement between the Government of South Sudan and opposition forces has not only collapsed but has led to new conflict in Greater Equatoria, along the DRC border, according to a new report from the Small Arms Survey.

08 May 2017 description
report Small Arms Survey

New SANA Briefing Paper: Southern Libya Destabilized, The Case of Ubari


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